Functionality, flexibility, and user-friendliness — all are important. So is price! The best tool in the world is pretty useless if you can't afford it.

Saferating's pricing reflects the constraints of today's market place.

Our Prices
Inexpensive does not mean "cheap."
Saferating services are cost-effective:

  • Because we set out to be affordable!
  • Because we care about patient safety.
  • Because we want to SAVE you money, not cost you money.
  • Because multiple applications return a reasonable profit.

Our Reasons
Our intention with our colleagues is to eliminate "price" as a barrier.

  • When we are affordable, your decision to buy is easier.
  • Once you use the services we offer, you will tell others, and good things happen!
  • We are affordable because we want YOU using our product soon.
  • We want to "better" any other system you might be using currently.
  • We want to be in places that previously could not afford these services.

Our Services
Our intention IS TO PARTNER WITH YOU (You know your needs).

  • We are determined to be customer-centered.
  • We are determined to build-in customization as part of our core offering!
  • We designed our application for quick turnaround.
  • We are determined to be both customer-friendly and cost-effective.
Saferating's PFT Solution Annual Subscription Fee
Pharmacist Clinical Intervention Starting at $899
Adverse Drug Reaction Starting at $899
Medication Error Starting at $899
Incident Reporting Starting at $899
Anticoagulant Clinic Tracking Starting at $1,500*
Sample Log and Sample Dispensing Log Starting at $399
Unit-Based Cabinet (Pyxis™, AccuDose™, Omnicell™) Discrepancy Log Starting at $599
Custom PFT Solutions Starting at $899

Small Hospital Solution (contact us)
Community Health Center Solution (contact us)
Small Business Solution (contact us)
Educational Institutions (K-12, Colleges and Universities) Discounts available (contact us)
Unlimited plan** (contact us)

*As with all our solutions there is no per submission fee.
**There may be a monthly support fee for unlimited plans. Unlimited plans allow customers to have an unlimited number of solutions. With our unlimited plan customers can even take control of the solution building process if they desire.

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