Paperless Workflows

Saferating's Paperless Form Technology™ provides streamlined paperless workflows.

System Overview

We will build your solution to your specifications and host it for you. Our servers will store the data and make it available to you in a universal format. You can then download the data and import it into whatever report writer or database you normally use. Our systems can handle automated access to your data. We can provide full documentation for our automation API for tighter integration with your systems.

Standard Features:

  • Web-based
  • Field level data validation
  • Support for multi-page forms
  • Submission auto-reponse e-mails (can even be sent to most cell phones)
  • Custom post triggered messages
  • Post submission browser redirection (send the user to any URL on the internet after a submission)
  • Hosted solution (no additional technology needed)
  • Powerful query interface for accessing your data
  • The ability to store queries for future execution, like monthly reporting
  • Data exports in comma-separated value (CSV), compatible with Excel, MS Access, FileMaker Pro, Star Office, and more.
  • High-grade encryption for SSL connections (AES-256 256 bit, when allowed)
  • Five day turn around (level 1 contract)

Optional Features:

  • Field level storage encryption
  • Form re-branding (customized to look like your site)
  • Web-services integration for real-time data migration
  • Quantity checking module for inventory tracking
  • Named audience authentication (limited access forms)
  • IP address limitations (limited access forms)
  • Additional data export formats: TSV, XML, etc.
  • Support for SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on
  • Three day turn around (level 2 contract)

For more information please review FAQs or feel free to contact us for more information.