Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here's the best place to find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Can you give some examples of how your clients are using your Paperless Form Technology™?

In what other areas might Paperless Form Technology™ be utilized?

  • In hospitals we foresee Infection Control data tools
  • In Pharmacies we foresee MUE or DUE data tools
  • In the construction industry we foresee Purchase Order Management, Inventory Control Systems, and cost estimating
  • In education we foresee Student Incident Report data management
  • In short, Saferating PFT can be as asset in numerous fields and industries

How do we contract with Saferating?

We offer a fee-based subscription service.
We build your solution(s), host, and warehouse the data for you.
Please call our CEO, Bob Genest, at 480-664-7302 or contact him online.

Are we buying the software?

No, you are subscribing to our service. Saferating retains ownership of our applications, you own your data.

Are we required to use your forms or may we design our own?

You are welcome to use our "demo forms" as templates or you can customize your own forms with the elements you want to track. We can quickly and easily replicate your current forms using Paperless Form Technology™ -- your customized forms can have the "look and feel" of your current paper forms, but they will be electronic and automated.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, our secure system offers end to end data encryption, putting our systems on par with online banking systems.

Will Saferating sign a Business Associates Agreement as required for HIPAA compliance?

Yes, we have and will continue to sign a Business Associates Agreement with all health care providers and systems.

Can we afford Saferating?

Yes, we are within reach for the smallest hospital, clinic, or entrepreneur. Our pricing and business philosophy is that technology will drive improvement and no matter how big or small your company, hospital, clinic, or practice, you need access to data. Good data will lead to improvements. Good data will aid your decisions. Good decisions will maximize your business potential. With our Paperless Form Technology™ we can have you up and running within 96 hours. We truly partner with our customers (we succeed when you succeed). Visit our pricing page for more details.

How much does it cost?

Visit our pricing page for the details.

Does Saferating offer volume discounts or have a pricing program for multiple forms?

Yes, we will work with you to offer market solutions that make sense for both Saferating and our partners. Visit our pricing page for details.

Is there a fee for building each solution? / Is there a setup fee?

No. We don't like hidden costs or fees for every little thing. So the annual subscription covers the building and hosting of your deployed solution. There are cases when we are asked to make changes to a solution after it has been deployed. Almost always these changes are done without any additional cost. There are extreme cases when we are asked to make a large number of changes or in some cases completely re-implement a solution. In these extreme cases we may institute a change fee after discussing the issue with the client. We want you to be happy with your solution but we do have to feed our kids.

Is there a limit and/or added cost for multiple users, multiple branches, multiple locations?

No, once we agree on a solution you may have any number of users in multiple locations (remember, we are a web-based application). With a web-enabled computer or mobile device (e.g., Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch), your authorized users can access your forms and data from anywhere, anytime.

Tell me a little more about Saferating’s subscription concept?

We partner with you on a yearly basis. You have no software to buy, install, or maintain. The data belongs to you, is warehoused in our “data safe,” and backed up to multiple locations in the US.

What are the capabilities of Paperless Form Technology™?

Can anyone change data after it has been submitted?

No, once data has been submitted there is no way to tamper with or alter entries. Even authorized administrators cannot change or alter your data once it is in the "data safe."

Can we add fields later without compromising our data?

Yes, you can add fields after a solution has been deployed. We offer a limited number of changes before we begin charging editing fees. Deleting fields, however, will result in the loss of the entire record; so deleting fields is highly discouraged. (But, only your authorized administrators will have the capacity to do this -- it is purposely limited to avoid inadvertent errors and omissions.)

Can we use a PDA to gather our data?

If the PDA or smart phone has a Web browser it is possible to submit data into our system. If the device does not have a browser then no. We have decided not to follow the limited PDA path -- the added cost and narrow capabilities of a PDA are not compatible with future vision in the industry. We strongly believe, as others in the IT industry, that the tablet pc and other smart browser-based devices will be the future for mobile computing.

Do we need any special hardware to run the application?

No. There is no costly hardware to buy or install. All you need is a web-enabled computer with a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. For companies that limit internet access, your IT department would simply allow access to a unique URL on our Saferating site.

How do we get to our data?

  • You will name your own database administrators who become the only ones authorized to access the data.
  • These authorized administrators will be given secure passwords to access your data.
  • Your data is accessed via a web link using the user name and password we supply.
  • Our query engine is very powerful and will allow the chosen administrators to do their "data-mining" online and download the results for further processing or use.

How does the email notification work?

One of the powerful features of Paperless Form Technology™ is that we can instantly email some (or all) of the data output automatically to a designated recipient. We format the email to your specifications and upon submission, the data elements are emailed to the party or parties you have identified. We are currently working towards fax capabilities so the output could be automatically faxed to a prescribed phone number.

In what file format can we download our data?

We currently default to CSV format which is easily opened with Microsoft™ Excel, Microsoft™ Access, OpenOffice, FileMaker Pro, and other spreadsheet and database applications.

What kind of query capabilities come with the system?

  • Secure data repository
  • A powerful query engine
  • Data may be downloaded to your authorized, designated desktop in a universal CSV format
  • Data can be imported into Microsoft™ applications such as Excel, Access, and to a SQL format, as well as FoxPro, FileMaker Pro, Oracle, Sybase and others
  • Automated email notifications
  • Automated post-submissions messages for users

Where does the data go after submission?

The data leaves your computer via a secure tunnel, using secure sockets layer (SSL is also used by online banking institutions), and is received at our servers and stored in our database. This data can be encrypted while at rest, if desired. Our database servers are not accessible via the Internet. Each day we perform automated backups and send the encrypted backups to our servers in multiple states over our national virtual private network (VPN).

Is the data safe in your system?

Yes. Your data is stored off the Web, behind our professionally monitored firewalls. And, for added security, each day the data is automatically backed up and the encrypted backups are sent over our national virtual private network to servers in different states.

Who maintains and upgrades the system?

Saferating’s system engineers will maintain and perform all necessary upgrades, one less thing your IT department needs to worry about.

Will Paperless Form Technology™ work with a dial-up connection?

Yes, just be aware that dial-up speeds will vary with both location and the complexity of the solution we're providing for you. Be sure to indicate your need for fast load times over dial-up connections and we can work with you to ensure that your solution meets your performance needs.

Will your system work through our firewall?

Yes. As long as you can access the web, you can enter and retrieve your data.