About Us

Who is Saferating.com and what can we do for you?

  • Whatever your organization, you make decisions. Saferating gathers the information you need to make those decisions.
  • A web-based service, so all your customers can participate from any location or multiple locations, and they can do it all with Paperless Form Technology™.
  • While our data collection and reporting process and tools can be used in any content area, we offer additional content expertise in pharmacy services, patient safety and medication error reporting, education, and information technology.
  • We enable you to make decisions quickly, based on data rapidly collected from the people involved with your products and services.
  • We can design data collection tools for you, or instantly transfer your own tools and report formats to our website for your confidential and continuous access.
  • Saferating allows the administrators in your organization unlimited web-based access to the information and to the reports. Access is from any location 24/7 -- when you need it, it's there.

Sample applications:

  • Hospitals that need to simplify medication error reporting.
  • Hospital pharmacists needing a reliable method to document clinical interventions and have data available for monthly reporting without wasting time on paper-based reports.
  • Hospitals that wish to quickly record, track, trend, and easily access reports of adverse drug reactions
  • An Insurance company wants to use a reliable independent partner to collect patient satisfaction data with full confidentiality and easy use of reporting formats.
  • An auto repair shop wants to collect ongoing information on customer satisfaction, and publish their high satisfaction rates that are collected from a trustworthy independent partner like Saferating.com.
  • A College or university desiring appraisals of the courses completed last semester. Students rely upon Saferating.com as a trustworthy entity that is independent of the college or university, and ensures their confidentiality as well as the reliability of the course satisfaction data.

How are we unique?

  • Saferating makes each web-based tool of data collection specifically for your organization.
  • Saferating customizes the content to represent YOUR need.
  • Saferating builds-in a system of secured participation without compromising the identity of those who offer information.
  • Saferating guarantees that each participant has complete anonymity, and therefore is at liberty to give us information and, as our name implies, therefore feels safe in giving honest feedback.
  • We will provide you with more feedback from more people, more often, and with more honesty and accuracy.

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