Robert P. Genest B.S. RPh., Co-founder and CEO is a company whose mission is to enable healthcare professionals, educators, and other business partners to collect, authenticate, and secure large datasets using the internet, then seamlessly transfer data directly to various platforms utilizing web applications unique to One example is our model for online pharmacist clinical interventions, adverse drug reaction reporting, medication error reporting and incident reporting, in which we have partnered with a Rural Health Networks to meet more stringent 2004 regulatory requirements and improve patient safety.

Previous Positions

Health System Director for a National Contract Pharmacy Management Company

Responsibilities included management and operational oversight for acute care hospitals, behavioral health centers, and a long term acute care hospital.

Regional Clinical and Quality Specialist for a National Contract Pharmacy Management Company

Responsibilities included the development and implementation of quality and clinical assessments at newly contracted sites, evaluation of medication use processes, implementation of work plans to insure patient safety and compliance with corporate standards, and the training and oversight of staff.

Director of Pharmacy at several Maine hospitals

Responsibilities included the design and implementation of a performance improvement project using personal digital assistants (PDAs) and to reduce prescribing errors, of new PDA databases to report and track adverse drug reactions and pharmacist interventions. Assisted in the design, chart review, data collection and authoring of a published medication error study. Acted as team leader for a national contract pharmacy management company Medication Use Safety Project, and developed and implemented standards for prescribing, administering and dispensing for all our contracted hospitals.

Project Leader of an Adverse Drug Event Study at the University of New Mexico Health Science Center

Created the Clinical Review Board, then assisted in the design, chart review, data collection, data analysis, authorship, and publication of an adverse drug event study.

Expert Panel Member: Measuring Rural Quality Working Paper Series
Rural Health Research Center
Division of Health Services Research and Policy
School of Public Health
University of Minnesota


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